Thursday, March 9, 2017

Robot surface speed

An independent variable is the one variable you change. A dependent variable is the thing you are trying to find. The controlled variable is what stays the same. For our test on surface speed our independent variable was the surface. For the first test (on the black top) we got thirteen seconds 
For the second test (on the tile) we got twelve point seven seconds. 
For the last test (on the carpet) we got twelve point nine three seconds. For the dependent variable we were trying to find the amount of time the robot would take to complete the course. I thought the results would be more wide spread. For the controlled variable we made the robot and the coding the same. That is what we did for this test.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Orchard Challenge code

For almost all of my coding it was just turning and moving forward.
I ran into some problems. The robot kept going on the tape so I had to redo the turning a few times and also the turning was REALLY hard. that took the most time to do out of everything.
for example on the coding the turning is very accurate like 73 or 58 because if it was off to much it would have completely ruined the run. Eventually I did it and finished but it was a lot harder than I thought it would actually be. 

orchard challenge video


Thursday, January 12, 2017


For the first box we programed the robot to make 3.33 wheel rotations and the speed was 100 or it was as fast as it goes. for the second box we made the arm go down by coding -0.25 into the box. First off we did a minus sign so it could go down which we wanted to make it do. second we wanted only 0.25 rotations instead of 1 because it can't go in a whole circle because the robot blocks the arm from going in a circle. In the third box we did the same thing as the second box but instead of making it go down we made the arm go up. in the 4th box we made the robot go 4.65 wheel rotations to get it to the line. the next two boxes were the same as 2 and 3. the sixth box we made 3.7 wheel rotations to get to the line. and again the next two boxes are the same as 2 and 3 and 4 and 5. finally in the last box I made the robot go back to the starting box or the starting line. I did -12.5 so it could go backwards. we added all of the other movements pup to get about 12.5. We finally finished and got to the finish line. Some issues we had was when we tried to lift the arm we did 1 full turn with the arm instead of 0.25. we actually spent almost 20 minutes figuring it out.we aso had trouble trying to et the robot back. we kept under shooting it and getting it before the line. in the end we did it and finished!